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Oct 28, 2013 10:30pm EDT
saylor's 20th birthday. deborah debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> new tonight at 11:00, the obama administration now giving everybody an extra six weeks to sign up for the affordable care act. you have to do it by march 31st or face a penalty. technical difficulties have plagued health since it started. >> and the race for governor. a new poll shows who wins could be determined whether more women or men hit the polls. they give mcauliffe 51%. and kuch of cuccinelli 59%. and among women mcauliffe leads 58-34. robert sarvis has 8% and the poll has margin of error of 4.5%. >> and tonight a stump for votes in herndon, and bringing along bill clinton. >> we are defending virginia against an overzealous government, i give you the next governor of virginia. >> that would be ken cuccinelli and rand paul stumping for him. but mr. clinton did say he knows how to bring more jobs to virginia. in the meantime ken kutchin yell i was -- cuccinelli was also in virginia, supported by rand paul and this afternoon they spoke to a packed ground at the fairfax firehouse. >> and both cuccinelli and paul did
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1